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Like an Acadamy Award nominated student film created on adderall, Death Poem takes the viewer to the furthest reaches of their brains. Pushing the limits of Gods imagination. Never before have you seen so much blasphemy in one video. Death Poem will make you believe in God, then believe in yourself.

Poem By Aimee Noelle @coconutskinss


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Bago - Dr. Lock (music video)

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All the pain that you feel you can tell that we ain’t making no love…


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Miguel - Adorn

weekend jams…


darker times

they’re telling boulder heavy lies

looks like all we’ve got is each other 

the truth is obsolete

remember when all i had was my mother 

she didn’t compromise

she could recognize 


our daughters and our sons 

are just candles in the sun


don’t let him see divide 

don’t you let her see divide


she’s got the whole wide world in her juicy fruit 

he’s got the whole wide world in his pants

he wrapped the whole wide world in a wedding band 

then put the whole wide world on her hands

she’s got the whole wide world in her hands 

he’s got the whole wide world in his hands.

Kierra Folsom lookin gangster

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R&B mixtape featuring tracks by Drake, R. Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Usher, The Weeknd, The-Dream, Robin Thicke, Pharrell etc. Currently on heavy rotation.


Polaroid Camera + 600 Film Giveaway!

Hey everyone, as some of you know this is my second camera giveaway!

The previous giveaway was a Fuji Instax 210 Camera.

I’ve had this Polaroid camera for a few years now, and I’ve done some previous shoots with it.

Reasons why I’m giving it away:

1) “Give and you shall receive”.

2) It’s time for someone else to make beautiful photos with it.

Rules to enter giveaway:

  • simply click the ‘’ button or ‘re-blog‘ (if you do both they count as two entries)
  • you must be following my blog.

I will randomly be choosing someone for this free camera.

If you’re the lucky one, I will send you an ‘ask’ question on tumblr for your shipping information. (make sure your ask is enabled!)

Winner will be announced on my twitter: @ColoredPhotos  -January 1st 2012!-


-Bryant Eslava

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Download Path and add me #path #iphone #apps (Taken with instagram)

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They say two wrongs don’t make a right….



“Dr. Lock”

Produced by Alexander Spit


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Favorite Girl (Cory Bold Remix) - Marques Houston

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Kierra is the best

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